Monday, April 5, 2010

Kitty and I spent our first night in the remade house

With lots of help I have been dusting, cleaning, removing tons of cardboard that was protecting floors and washing clothes that were in the dressers that had gotten moldy in the portable storage unit that leaked.  Fortunately, the clothes themselves were not damaged but they had picked up a smell being in that unit for twenty months.  I need to get closet rods up so I can move the clothes from the wardrobe boxes (coats, jackets, dresses) to the closets.  

Not being patient though, I found pillows, sheets, and a quilt and made up my bed so kitty and I could sleep inside last night.  She is and will be adjusting for several weeks.  Right now she is upset because the heating/cooling guy is here making the air conditioning units run.

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