Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meditation Garden in progress

My Mom is donating a meditation garden in memory of my father to the  local cemetery.  My father was treasurer for more than 35 years.  The area for seating is shown in the photos here, with the pavers just installed this morning. 

The process for a freestanding paved area is to dig out a space, lay down heavy landscape fabric, apply crushed rock or concrete, apply decomposed granite, tamp those layers down well, lay down the pavers in the shape and pattern you want, apply concrete around the outside edge to keep the pavers from shifting, brush in sand between the pavers, and then tamp down the pavers.  The finishing touch is to water down the pavers and see the colors all reappear.    We also made sure to create a concrete ramp to bridge from the height of the ground to the paver top, which will make it easier access for a wheel chair or walker.

The hardscape work was down by Birchwood Design.  Next up is plants, trees, bulbs, and benches.