Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At first it didn't look real

This is a luna moth (I had to look it up) sitting on the handle of a broom by the front door.  The green is very delicate lime tone and its wingspan is at least 3 inches.  The moth must have emerged this morning.  I had heard of them being large, lovely creatures but had never seen one in person.  What a special treat.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Official shift from construction mortgage today!

This feels so much better.  For one thing, the rate on a conventional mortgage is what the market is offering rather than the high interest a construction loan uses.  Also, on a construction loan all you pay is interest so it just builds up without any pay down of the amount owed.  The transfer was treated as a re-finance so I had to do a closing with title search, etc all again. 

And, with the weather so hot and dry, there is no rush to get landscaping done now.  I can put that off until fall and really know what should be mulch, what should be foundation planting, and what needs to be crushed rock.  In other words, I need a design but I can take my time and get something pleasing and functional.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Driveway in use, coffer trim up

Coffer trim was built and stained off site then finally assembly was done in the house on the floor.  Basically the trim is a rectangle formed as a squared off letter J so that the rope lighting has somewhere to sit.  The trim is attached to the ceiling with metal brackets that will need to be painted over.  It also creates gaps between the ceiling wall board and the trim because the wall board is not completely flat.  The gaps were filled in with dark brown caulking.

Using a stain also helps tie the coffer trim to the window trim and looks more finished that a contrasting color.  Next is to get the rope lighting installed.  Electrical boxes are already there with switches in place too.

I was finally able to use the driveway.  So nice.  Awaiting permit for garage electric so I can have opener for door installed.  There is no way I can reach up to close it.
I have been off the air so long because I have been watering the grass seed the contractor spread around and with the heat here in NJ that has been an all day task.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Driveway taking shape

This time was grandson was able to see the cement mixer truck actually pouring out the concrete.  Then one of my great-nephews was able to watch the concrete being smoothed into place.  The driveway is large enough that several pours over several days will occur to ensure that the driveway does not crack.  The septic tank is basically in the middle so the tank is now covered with a metal cover so vehicles can drive over it.  The tank cover will be painted black for a bit of decor. 

The next pour requires a drain be installed and the ground be shaped into a swale to channel water to the back of the lot.  There is about a foot drop from the maximum height of the driveway to garage and then to the back of the lot.  Thus, care has to be taken in making sure water channels away from the garage and the house then off to the rest of the lot.  So glad I am paying professionals to do this job, not just someone who does this part time.

I also had to make sure that more than 65% of the lot was not covered with non-drainables. If my back of the envelope calculations, the house, old garage, icehouse, new garage, and new driveway take up 50% of the lot so I am okay.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garage painted, has gutters, chimney topped out on addition

That little silvery colored thing on top of roof finishes off the gas fireplace.  It lets gases out and keeps rodents, birds, bats, and rain out.

Driveway is next up.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garage has siding, side door, and overhead door

It passed inspection from the town also.    There is more work to be done yet by the general contractor.  He had to add extra grab railing because the steps are steep to the breezeway, add gutters to garage, add screening and doors to breezeway, make sure there are splash blocks for each downspout for the house, garage, and icehouse, and paint.