Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Driveway taking shape

This time was grandson was able to see the cement mixer truck actually pouring out the concrete.  Then one of my great-nephews was able to watch the concrete being smoothed into place.  The driveway is large enough that several pours over several days will occur to ensure that the driveway does not crack.  The septic tank is basically in the middle so the tank is now covered with a metal cover so vehicles can drive over it.  The tank cover will be painted black for a bit of decor. 

The next pour requires a drain be installed and the ground be shaped into a swale to channel water to the back of the lot.  There is about a foot drop from the maximum height of the driveway to garage and then to the back of the lot.  Thus, care has to be taken in making sure water channels away from the garage and the house then off to the rest of the lot.  So glad I am paying professionals to do this job, not just someone who does this part time.

I also had to make sure that more than 65% of the lot was not covered with non-drainables. If my back of the envelope calculations, the house, old garage, icehouse, new garage, and new driveway take up 50% of the lot so I am okay.