Sunday, October 11, 2015

Calling Millennials who believe global warming is big issue for next US election

Remember the slogan "Think globally, act locally."  Global warming has become, for many, the global issue most important in the next US Presidential election.  Local actions have taken the form of protests and rallies against oil drilling/fracking, and small items like choosing better packaging (no plastics) from the grocery stores and retailers.    I don't want anyone to stop those local actions but I want you to add another local item: demand action on your local Superfund site.

There have been over 1100 Superfund sites listed since 1976 when the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was passed.  If you search and find a local site and its status is final, that means it is on the list not that the problem is fixed.  Sites are deleted when all actions are completed and tests show no more contamination.    This process can take years, even when it has been decided what needs to be done. 

Newfield has a Superfund site with contaminated ground water and a slightly radioactive slag pile.  The ground water problem impacts residents in the City of Vineland more than it does Newfield and some action has been taken to reduce that problem, whether its the right action or not is not something I can judge but at least the problem is still being addressed.  Many years pass and the slag pile sits there and sits there and sits there while the company responsible and the US and NJ regulatory agencies have their days in court. 

I am assuming this is true for every Superfund site.  So, look up your local Superfund site and if it isn't cleaned up, demand action from your local politician, especially if they have a re-election coming up.  Make some noise, please.