Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got help from my grandson and daughter getting kitchen in shape

My daughter and grandson came over yesterday afternoon in the oddly summer temperature weather (this is April, 83F degrees in not usual) to help me work on getting stuff into cabinets and out of boxes.  Just before they left, my grandson was given a piece of a double chocolate Klondike ice cream bar.  It worked like a charm as his mother reported he was asleep before they had driven 2 miles.  Because it was so messy, warm in the house, and his bib was packed away, she removed his shirt to make it easier to clean him up for the ride home.  Washing skin is a heck of lot less trouble than trying to get chocolate ice cream stains and melted chocolate out of his shirt in the wash.

And I am still very, very grateful for the help as I now have countertops I can see and use. Glassware, flatware, pots and pans, and utensils have all reached their final destination from Seattle to boxes to pods to house to cabinets.  Special note to my daughter-in-law:  Everything you packed came through its journey flawlessly.

Of course, my grandson is too young to play unattended so I am also very grateful that my 82 year old mother could come over and keep him occupied with books (paper format and from her new ipad) or watch him as he plays in the dirt.  Four generations under 1 roof working harmoniously is sweet. 

Also, what a trip to have your grandson sitting on your lap as you read Winne the Pooh from the ipad and when you whisper, "Please turn the page", he reaches out with his finger and flicks to the next page without any instruction or further prompting.

All together a very good day indeed.


NWDonna said...

I love the chocolate face / bare chest. Reminds me of my own family's approach to keep clothes clean and kids happy.

Thrilled to see that you and kitty are moving in. Sad about the dampness in you things.

Best to you, Donna

Anonymous said...

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