Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hoping street re-numbering doesn't delay utilities mark out

When my grandfather purchased the land for this house he bought several lots and put the residence in the middle one.  The town gave the whole parcel the same street address.  When my cousin bought the south lot and built a house, she was given the same street address followed by a letter to differentiate the addresses.  When 911 service came to town, my aunt, who by then owned the house, refused to change the street address and even went so far as to create brick numbers in the driveway with that address.  When my aunt died and I acquired the house and land, the town arbitrarily changed the street address to what they wanted for 911 reasons.  Unfortunately, the county records have not been updated to that new address, so I keep having to explain why the block and lot numbers do not correspond to the street address.  This also plays havoc with the utility companies such as for electricity and natural as they work from the block and lot numbers and then send their crews out with the "matching" street address.  More than once, I intercepted someone who was confused as to where they were supposed to be working.   So, last year, the utility mark outs finally got to the right place but now that they need to dig for the garage, the mark outs have washed away since it has been so long.  New mark outs were called for last week but I don't see any so I will have to check whether they marked my cousin's house again.  I got reminded of this problem on Friday when the driver delivering the trusses for the garage roof had the wrong street address and realized that the cousin's house was not a construction zone but mine was.  That would have been a mess indeed for trusses to fill up their driveway.

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