Friday, October 4, 2013

Two more events in Fire Company/Borough Council dispute

Here's a "letter to the editor" from Linda Graumann, a Newfield Borough resident. Essentially it is another plea for mediation, however, it specifically details a proposal for how that mediation should be conducted.  Worthy idea.

Also, there was a "stay" in the on-going legal suits/countersuits as reported here. The Fire Company filed an appeal in NJ Superior Court that would invalidate the earlier court's decision that the firing of Bill Mason by the Borough Council was legal.  Until this appeal is decided upon, the subsequent suit by Borough Council against the Fire Company will not be heard.  This should mean that the ultimatum given by the Fire Company is no longer needed and they will stay.  I hope the Fire Company members will see it that way.

Just to be safe, continue to let the Fire Company know you want them to stay.  Here's one way to do that.

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