Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letter from Borough Council and Mayor to all Newfield Residents - Legal?

Letter from Mayor and Borough Council to Newfield Residents

This explains what action they took and their position relative to the Fire Company ultimatum.  They remain as ideologically fixed in their position as the Tea Party Congressmen who have shut down the federal government over a piece of legislation that was already passed by Congress.

Most interesting is the final paragraph which asks that residents do not sign a recall petition.  This has been done on official stationary and mailed out using Borough funds to pay for the letters and the postage.   The letter does say  "Postage paid by Mayor and Council" and I am interpreting that to mean Borough funds not private funds of the members of the Council and the Mayor.

I wonder if that is even legal for them to use Borough funds to put out a message urging the residents either way on a recall petition.

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