Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The authority of Newfield Borough is invested in the residents of voting age

The real authority of Newfield Borough is invested in its residents of voting age.  Sign a recall petition or not, its your choice.  You can also use your own authority to tell the Fire Company you respect them and ask for their respect back by their choosing not to follow through on the ultimatum.  Send email to "info@newfieldfirecompany.com"; send a note or letter to PO Box 610 Newfield, NJ 08344; or drop one off at 18 Catawba Ave. Newfield,NJ 08344.

Sample text:

I/We respect all you do for us as firemen and emergency responders and all the hours you have freely given of your time to be firemen.  Please ignore the actions of the Newfield Borough Council and Mayor.  In this instance, we are speaking for ourselves.  We need you and appreciate you.  Please show the feelings are mutual by staying.

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