Thursday, February 18, 2010

pedastal sink and trash to usable doors

Pedastal sink installed in back bathroom.  Not too large but still has a nice edge for setting items on.  I will have to find a piece of furniture for the corner for storing toiletries and bathroom extras as there is a window right above the sink.

So, there was a door from the original house that had been stored in the dirty and yucky store room in the basement that housed the oil tank and had been the coal bin.  It was damaged on one edge and seemed destined for the dumpster.  However, there was a little space in the hall below the stairs to the attic that was a candidate as a closet for storing bulky items such as paper products. Voila, pieces were cut from the damaged door to make doors to that little storage space.   Looks like expensive cabinet doors to me.  I have door knobs to attach that will match the door knobs for the kitchen cabinets but the finish is pewter rather than oiled bronze.

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