Monday, February 22, 2010

No photos but lots of little bits of progress

  1. Bamboo hardware floor in living room is now complete
  2. Dishwasher water line kink fixed, disherwasher tested successfully
  3. Washer and dryer install completed, washer tested successfully
  4. Electrical for light/fan on breezeway moved to switch, sensored breezeway light installed without switch
  5. More progress on cooktop downdraft - fabricating the inside part to hook up to the outside blower (by putting blower outside, sound level in kitchen much reduced)
  6. Bench over attic plastic ducting built
  7. More window/baseboard trim was stained for installation
  8. Vent covers and thermostats installed
 Unfortunately, the cooling part of the thermostats could not be hooked up because the air conditioning units have not been charged yet due to weather.  Also, thermostats were not programmable as I expected so heating/cooling contractor looking into whether contract called for them or not.

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NWDonna said...

You have got to be getting close to moving in. Got a move date yet? It all looks so great!