Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Small steps

The photos show how the island is situated relative to either wall.  It was moved towards the north to accomodate the extra cabinet.  Appliances (except for double wall ovens on back order) were delivered today.  This meant the holes in the island for the downdraft vent and the cook top gas line could be cut.  The blower for the downdraft will be installed under the floor, cutting down on noise and allowing use of the cabinet that holds the cook top for large pots (think soup and spaghetti!).

More holes were patched in the existing house floors where water pipes (tub, sinks, baseboard heating, radiators) used to be. 

I had an adventure trying to find tile trim pieces for the outside corners of the back bathroom shower.  The shower has 3 walls and I think that butting tiles around the corner and then grouting looks unfinished.  I was trying to find what is called a simple white v-cap, and will probably have to get quarter rounds instead.  The v-caps I could find are actually complex because they are meant to make an edge for ceramic kitchen counter tops and so they bump up to keep water from flowing right off the counter.  This experience makes me appreciate even more the 50's tile work in my Seattle house even if the tile was that intense 50's pink.

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