Thursday, December 3, 2009

reusing old floor; figuring out tub faucet placement

The kitchen starts in the existing house and extends into the addition. Its flooring will be ceramic tile. The existing house part has hardwood flooring that the contractor took out a rectangular piece so it can be used to patch other places in the existing house where flooring has been damaged. The rectangle is then replaced with plywood. The real hard part of the kitchen floor is matching up the old floor to the new addition floor. The house has settled and by the time you go from 1 side to the next, the drop is 1/2 inch. So various pieces of plywood are cut to the thickness needed and then the entire line is sealed with a special patch.

Finally got to place the tub so we could figure out the best position for the floor standing faucet/tub filler, which in the photo will be the back left hand corner where the walls join. The tub has been in its box since August. Glad to see what it looks like.

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