Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 steps forward, 1 back

Passed two inspections in one today -- the ice house foundation, its parging, tar, and sill plate. Then they remeasured and had to take the sill plate off and put on another course of block for the foundation. The problem is that the ice house is set off from the house and addition via a breezeway and so it is difficult to make sure everything is coming out at the same level. It will be easy when they do the addition part because it will be right next to the existing house and they will have exposed the foundation and floor.

The rat slab (2 inches of concrete) got poured into the ice house foundation and they mostly backfilled too.

The South Jersey Gas people showed up and installed the meter and new line from the street. I was surprised that it is actually a plastic rather than steel pipe. Made it easier to run under the existing lawn though.

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