Friday, February 13, 2015

My father passed away 6 years ago today

In his later years, some called Dick Davis "Mr. Newfield" because he was always there volunteering for everything and attending every town function.  He gave volunteer service to the town from the age of 18 when he joined the Fire Company until his death at 81.  He was a Church trustee, Board of Education Secretary, Treasurer of the Rose Hill Cemetery Association, Borough Council member for 1 term, on the Board of the Newfield Savings & Loan before it was subsumed by another bank, Founding Father of the Newfield Swim Club.  There was probably more but I was not living in Newfield from 1967-2008.

I can remember seeing the sweat roll off of him as he presided over the chicken bbq pit for the Fire Company fund raiser and I know he did it year after year until it became too much physically.  I can remember his smile as he watched the inaugural jump into the pool of the Newfield Swim Club, formed to give the kids of Newfield someplace safe to swim during the height of the polio epidemic.

At his funeral, it was comforting to have people say how they would miss seeing him at town events.  He was always there, usually with my mother.  He was friendly, quiet, and always there supporting the town he loved in the unassuming ways he could.

I miss him.  The town needs him desperately as he was always the quiet, calm voice of reason and compromise in any conflict.  Did I say I miss him terribly?

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