Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Breaking News from Boro - Newfield Fire Company No 1 1st in fire control response

I just received a 1-call (public announcement via telephone to subscribers) from the Mayor of The Borough of Newfield.  He wanted to assure the residents that public safety was a priority.  He also said that Newfield Fire Company No 1, which is the Newfield Volunteer Fire Company as far as I know, is the first responder followed by Malaga and Forest Grove volunteer fire companies.

Now my cautious optimism could be misplaced if Newfield Fire Company No 1 is another volunteer force that has been set up as a replacement, but I won't be cynical today.  No, today I will hope that more than a century of tradition in a volunteer fire company has been honored and that someone has put the safety of the town ahead of other agendas.

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