Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preliminary reading of CT angiogram shows no aneurysm

I had two tests today as preliminary for the surgery. 

The carotid doppler looking for blockages was simple enough, you just lie there as they run the ultrasound sensor over your neck after applying gel.  I do not have the results yet and no hints either as the technician was not up to hinting.  They are not supposed to so that is just fine.

For the CT angiogram they have you lie flat on bed that moves in and out of a doughnut after they inject a dye to make it easier to see your blood vessels.  No pain with this one either.  There is often a feeling of warmth from the dye as it circulates within your blood.  For me it was as if I had come in from a very cold winter's day and then soaked up warmth by sitting on a radiator.  This time, the technician could tell me that no aneurysms were seen as they watched the test in real time.  If there are, they are very small and might be found in the final analysis.  Me, I all for being positive and believing there are no aneurysms.

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