Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 28th Penn Presbyterian Medical Center is date and place for surgery

It will be a minimally invasive procedure because indeed, there are no aneurysms.  I already stopped taking my fish oil daily capsules as these may thin the blood to make it clotting of the incisions slower.

So far, I am scheduled to be first in the OR, so I have to be there by 6am.  I will know for sure sometime on Friday. 

My sister's best friend from childhood will be driving my sister and me up to Philadelphia.  She has no problems with Philadelphia traffic and is somewhat familiar with that part of town. I am glad she will be there to keep my sister company while they wait for me to come out of surgery and anesthesia.

ABC's "Gray's Anatomy" recently aired an episode that showed the full open heart surgery and my niece was watching and realized why I was hoping not to have that procedure but the minimally invasive one.   I am sure there were horrible complications in the tv show that made it worse than real life.  Still, I am very glad medicine has advanced to the point my valve can be repaired without that.

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