Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garage footings larger and have more concrete

Not much happening here.  I am recuperating from the big push to get the house ready for a visit from my son and his wife and a family gathering to celebrate Mother's Day early.  The back shower stopped working just in time for my overnight visitors and today the plumber was out to fix it.  The problem was a spring that got caught and then he discovered it was missing a clip.  That is a special order because I have a Moen fixture and that is not what they carry parts for normally.  So, it will be a few days and the plumber will be back to make it all hunky dory.  The plumber also looked at the weak stream of water from the front shower hand held and discovered a wad of plumber's putty in the inlet filter along with sediment that had stuck to it.  That was a easy fix and the hand held works properly.

The excavator was here in the morning to dig out the extra dirt needed to get the proper size then someone else was here to measure again to make sure it was okay.  Later a concrete truck showed up and now there is additional footing curing.


NWDonna said...

I am glad you son and daughter-in-law are making it out for Mom's day!

Your house just looks better and better everytime I take a look at your blog. Good job!

Maggie the Messmaker said...

With the garage going in, it is possible to believe it will be all done soon and my Seattle friends can come visit me.