Friday, May 21, 2010

Garage floor is now wet concrete

When the concrete mixer truck showed up, the dye was added into the mix from the top and the mixing speed was sped up so the color would go all through the 6 and half yards.  The speed and load meant the truck was rocking side to side as if it was a boxer getting ready for the next round.  The color I choose is gray so right now it looks much like ordinary cement.  When it cures and gets a sealer, the color will be much darker and match better to the stamped concrete.  The workmen also had this nifty machine to smooth the concrete down.  It has about a 10 foot piece of metal bent at a 90 degree angle and a motor that vibrates the metal imitating how you smooth concrete by hand.  Saves time and the workmen's backs.  The workmen will be back for final smoothing after the concrete cures a bit.

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monkeyDluffy said...

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