Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some things just not salvagable

I have been storing my household goods moved from Seattle since July 2008 in three on-site storage units.  Two of which were like backs of trucks and a third was a trailer.  I had the furniture and rugs in the trailer as it was newest and the company said the least likely to leak.  Boy, were they wrong.

Water came in the side from the recent rain storms and mold appeared on furniture and rugs.  Some of the furniture I could salvage, some I can do something with like re-finish, some I have to accept the damage (some of the doors on my lawyers bookcases from 1907) but my teak veneer dining table is kaput.  You can see it in the photo above.   Also, several wool rugs were damaged beyond repair but most were from IKEA and not sentimental nor that expensive.  One, however, was purchased by close family friends in Turkey when they made a cruise around the world sometime before 1910.  It was a combination of wool and silk and went with me to college and every place I have lived since.  I wish it was a matter of simply cleaning it to remove the mold but it breaks up in your hand if you move it.

I called the storage company to ask if they had some sort of insurance and of course, they don't.  It is in the fine print of the contract that they don't, yada yada yada.  I called my house insurance representative and maybe I can claim but I have a very high deductible since I am in a special risk pool for house insurance and these are damaged used furniture yada yada yada.  I am in a special risk pool because the original house was not insurable because it was too old and I was new owner.  That is another story.  When I finally get the house done, then I can get regular insurance and if I make a claim now that will push the price of regular insurance  yada yada yada. 



NWDonna said...

Soooo sorry about the damage. Especially to your treasured items but even for the inexpensive because it costs to replace.

Other than that, I am here to rave about your house. As usual.

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Maggie the Messmaker said...

Thanks for the support. Getting close to time to move in for real.