Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small but messy jobs getting completed

Bifold doors on the washer/dryer area, the linen and utility closets were installed.  The "reducer", which really just fills in the gap between the tile of the kitchen and the hardwood of the living/dining room area, was installed.  The lay-on-your-back in the kitchen crawlspace and install the blower assembly for the downdraft of the gas cooktop task was completed.  The suction is amazing and there is still noise from under the floor from the blower.  Imagine that if it were not under the floor, you could barely talk above it without shouting.  Water pipes in the kitchen crawlspace were also insulated.  Another lay on your back and work over your head type chore.

The plumber was here to replace the chrome finished kitchen sink faucet with a stainless steel finished one as had been planned.  Looks much better.

The contractor is having problems sanding the third bedroom floor.  In the seventies, some one glued a foam backed carpet directly to the hardwood.  In the 90
s, someone else installed wall to wall carpet on top of that.  When I removed both carpet layers, the foam had turned to some sort of abrasive substance on top of the glue that turns to black fine grit if you walk on it and gums up the pads of any floor sander.  I had tried many household cleaners to remove it and had given up and put plastic tablecloths on top until it was time to refinish it.  The only thing that had worked at all to remove the grit was olive oil but that leaves the glue. 

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