Wednesday, January 27, 2010

staining of trim is slow work

Trim in the new rooms will be same size and style as the original house and except for the back bathroom will get two coats of Minwax Red Chestnut stain plus a coat of satin polyurethane.  Trim saved from the original house will go back where it came from (windows & baseboards were numbered) but we can not match the old to the new exactly because the wood is different (pine rather than real chestnut) and over the years the varnish on the original trim has yellowed and darkened or faded from sun light.

What will be interesting is to see what color the floors really are.  They are under so much stain and old varnish and old glue from wall to wall carpets, that you can't really tell.  I think the original, original floors (not the dining room bump out from the 30's) are maple downstairs, pine upstairs, and oak treads on the staircase.  I think the dining room bump out has a cherry floor.  Time will tell and that should not be too much longer.

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