Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aside about Apple's new iPad - it is about how one uses it

Most of the media reports don't seem to get the new iPad - it's not about how fast it is, or its lack of a camera or the flash to display video - it's about using it just about anywhere and not needing a mouse!  When I decided to retire and move back to New Jersey, I ditched my big heavy desktop for a sleek macbook, thinking I would use it anywhere in the house and especially as I was planning the renovation, how convenient it would be.  Well, that laptop sits in one place 97% of the time.  I use my iphone to walk around with and either squint at the screen or do the pinch, spread fingers, and slide screen around action sequence in order to see what is on it.  That means it is far better to deal with a small screen than carry around a small notebook with its keyboard and mouse.   I have never taken to the touchpad entry method as too similar yet not the same as the mouse.   And, balancing the clam shell of the notebook is not fun either, especially if you want to share something on the screen with someone else.

I also use my iphone to take most of the photos here on the blog because it is so easy but if the iPad had a camera, phone and blue tooth capability, I would ditch the iphone immediately  and sew me up something to carry it around on my person for those times I wasn't carrying a purse.  Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love my iphone and the way I buy focused apps from Apple's app store, I just want a slightly larger screen so I see what I want to see - photos, books, videos - and use my fingers to interact with the screen.

I used to tell my son, Brent Simmons (, that all I wanted was a convenient way to move around the house and see and interact with my email, the internet, and read news and books.  Apple just provided it.  I want one.  Will have to wait since the costs of renovating have been piling up, but I will have one, maybe next generation.

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ladyorlando said...

Finally a post about the iPad that doesn't moan about what its lacking (camera, flash etc ad nausea). Thanks!