Monday, November 9, 2009

rest of insulation; lots of repurposing projects

The rest of the insulation was put in for inspection tomorrow. The dry wall installers came by to see what the general contractor still had to do so they can sheet rock on Thurs or Friday. Some planing of the framing is needed to get it all flush and there are still nails to come out from the original plaster lath and framing.

New gutters went up on the existing old garage. I painted the existing fireplace screen to make it brown hammered finish instead of this old brass that was rusted and just the wrong color. I also painted an old chandelier white to hang it down in the basement where the original kitchen cabinets have been rehung for storage. The original chestnut wooden grill that allowed air flow when the house was heated by one big central register was cleaned up with Watco refinishing oil and is now ready for its new place of honor between the old house and the new addition.

And, guess what the contractor used to scour out the footsteps some ignorant person left on the stamped concrete? Dirt. It acts as a slightly acidic grit and voila, the tread pattern disappears. This delayed sealing the front walkway by one day. Hope the weather holds.

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