Thursday, October 1, 2009

not much to photograph but lots of work done today

About 1/3 of the plumbing rough-in was completed today. Had to put the toilet off center from the existing window but centered in its surrounding area. Same goes for the pedestal sink in the back bathroom.

The plumber has to put in new venting stacks and negotiate with the HVAC guys for space where to tuck things. Normally, this is all done ahead on the architectural plans for a new house; but that doesn't work for a renovation that is as complicated as this one where rooms are being re-purposed.

The HVAC guys began running ducts -- not the old fashioned take up extra ordinary amounts of ceiling space in the basement kind -- the new soft aluminum round tube that is covered with insulation and then black plastic. It is nice because it can be tucked up in between floor joists and make simpler turns.

The metal door to the ice house crawlspace was installed. This involved cutting down the block work and adding additional parging when the original coat was damaged in cutting away the opening for the door.

More work was done on parging the pillars on the new front porch. Went slower than before because the air temperature has cooled considerably. The plan came from the architect for widening the front porch and adding a ramp that my Mom can use her walker on.

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