Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy Friday ..

Plumber, electrician, framers, and deconstruction crew all at work. The ramp is getting finished; more electrical runs and pipes for jack and jill bathroom are being installed. More deconstruction of the walls and ceiling in the old part had to come out so new electrical lines can go in. This uncovered some wall studs that still have bark on them. Speculation is that the lumber was milled on site since this was 1920 when it was built.

Drylock on the basement walls have already made a difference in the humidity level even though only half the basement has been treated so far. Where the dehumidifier had to be dumped twice every 24 hours, now we have gone 48 hours and only had to dump once. When the floor get sealed with epoxy later, it may not even require a dehumidifier.

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