Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got zoning permit .. Next adventure is septic permit

Getting the zoning permit was anti-climatic because I found out that in order to even have the other building permits submitted I have to have a septic permit from the county Board of Health. No way did the building inspector explain this in the fall when I started the permitting process and asked what I would have to do. Sigh.

So I called the Gloucester County Board of Health and talked to the head guy there. I had been hoping that 2 existing systems could be upgraded. Well, they don't even have records of any systems that went in before 1970 and those between 1970 and 1990 are sparse. The upshot is to get a permit, I have to have a whole new system designed and okayed by the county and then the system built. The flow time for just the permit will be about a month.

I got some recommendations on who to contact to install the system and one of them pointed me to a firm of septic engineers who will be designing the system. My month starts now.

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