Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - Spread the love thru a simple kindness to someone else

I bend Valentine's Day to suit my own purposes following the think globally and act locally slogan. Locally,  I send cards to my loved ones and try to find an act of kindness to spontaneously perpetrate on a non-family member.  It might be as simple as a smile to a stranger encountered at the post office or store as I hold the door open for them or more complicated like a donation of clothes or blankets to a charity. 

Globally, I just try to send out good thoughts as I really believe love sent out into the universe comes back multiple times.  In fact, today, my neighbor, who is a cousin by marriage, pulled my recycle can back when the town announced it was not actually picking up today because of the weather.  It was a thoughtful gesture on his part.  I appreciate it especially as a full can on the icy driveway is not easy to maneuver.

So love to each and every human being on the planet and please pass it on.

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