Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My son wrote and delivered a funny and touching eulogy for my Mom

The day went smoothly.  Downpours were threatened from mid-morning onward but held off until late evening.  It seemed my cousin would not make it in time to read the 23rd psalm but she did.  The computer with the slideshow of old photos did not fall over or hit any electrical glitches.  No one fainted from the heat but a chair did fall over.  Everyone of the more than 200 people who needed a seat found one - the firemen stood in the back in case they needed to answer a call and the fire truck was stationed outside too, just in case.  The flower arrangements were gorgeous and looked like my mother had been whispering in the ear of the florist as to what exact blooms to choose.  My grand nephew did not trip on the easel holding the large photo of my mom as he walked by it to light the candles on the altar table with an open flame at the end of long brass candle snuffer/lighter.  We had plenty of micro cupcakes (I do not exaggerate when I call them that) and cookies and punch and cups and napkins.  Songs my mother sang at Malaga Camp Meeting soared through the sanctuary.   The attendees were smiling with touches of sadness as they spoke the traditional "I am sorry for your loss" as they reflected on the loss for themselves, the church, the public library or Newfield itself.  It was good to hear the gasps and laughter as my son spoke these words.  All in all it was the perfect tribute to my mother.

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