Monday, April 15, 2013

Town Council not only alienating Volunteer Fire Company

The next group they managed to upset is the Newfield Business Alliance (NBA) , which is a volunteer group of the business owners in town.  Typically, the NBA has two fund raisers per year.  A Beef'n'Beer event in the late winter/spring and a chinese auction at the annual Newfield Day festivities.   Funds raised are given to a worthy organization or defray event costs such as the Newfield Library or the local National Night Out.

This year, the Council sponsored/funded/managed Newfield Recreation Commission wanted the money to go to defraying the cost of this year's Newfield Day, so they asked to take responsibility for the Beef'n'Beer event.  Carrying out that task did not go well for the Recreation Commission and the event was cancelled one week before it was to be held.

The "Town Crier", which is quarterly pamphlet published by the Recreation Commission, has a headlined column NEWFIELD BUSINESS ALLIANCE.  The first sentence of that column reads, "The Newfield Business Alliance has decided to forego it's [sic] annual Beef & Beer Fundraiser this year."  Technically, that is true.  But if you have the information sent to me by a member of the NBA,
"If you saw the Town Crier, it appeared as though the Business Alliance cancelled our Beef and Beer.  That was not the case.  We opted to allow the Rec. Commission do one to help defray Newfield Day Costs, however, like I said before there was some controversy about them actually raising money for this.  And as things go, the planning was not as good as it should have been.  They have limited members and you need to sell lots of tickets before hand.
 To rub salt in the wound, the next column headline reads 2013 NEWFIELD DAY.  The column goes on to give the planned date, that the event will be great because 2012's was cancelled due to the derecho storm,  and then says:
"The Newfield Recreation Commission is proud to give back to the residents. ...  We appreciate all the donations we receive, as they go right back into the community."
I bet there would have been even more donations if they had left the NBA alone to do their fundraiser. Duh.   Just another case of Council members believing they can do better than the volunteers because now they are elected officials? It's as if they believe that gives them special powers?  I certainly see they have a "control" problem.

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