Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Valentine Gift to each and every person on the planet (and off too!)

Valentine's Day is usually touted as a holiday for lovers but for years I have struggled against that idea.  Actually since elementary school, since each classmate had to provide a valentine card for every other classmate.  Such inconsistency awakens rebellious thoughts even in six-year-olds, I assure you.  So, as an adult, I have often sent valentine cards to friends and family members as well as whomever was my current romantic partner.  And, of course, I have had to explain in the cards to friends that I am sending them a valentine out of an impulse that Valentine's Day is just not for lovers. 

With all the hypersensitivity about same sex attraction, the word "love" is just something you say now to your significant other, your parents, your siblings, and, if you have them, your children and grandchildren. Or, you "love, love, love" some expensive consumer item like a car or a cashmere coat. What a waste of a perfectly good four letter word and feeling.

So for several days, I have been thinking about how I could justify sending a miniscule bit of love to everyone on the planet (and off) when that list includes those individuals who have been incredibly, terribly inhumane to others.  How could I believe they deserved even a teensy measure of love?  The answer came to me last night as I was watching a cheesy but cute Hallmark Movie.  The writers had the Cupid character say, in effect, that no one deserves love, love is a gift from the person expressing it.  Problem solved. 

Here goes.  I am sending out a teeny-tiny gift of love for every human being.  Please add this gift to the store of love you already have in your heart/soul no matter how meager or little you sense it.  You may even find that if you pass it along to someone else, that bit of love shines brighter in your own life.

Happy Valentine's Day Every One!

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