Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking stock, 14 days post surgery

All indications are that I am doing very well:
  • The incision that was superglued closed has healed up well without ugly wormy look and the external bruising has disappeared
  • I am down to taking 1 acetaminophen every 4 hours as I sleep so my pain is almost gone
  • All fluid is staying off
  • I can dress myself and take a shower which means I have no problems lifting my arms over my head
  • My appetite is fair but that is ok
  • I have no problems doing the exercises that the physical therapist recommended
  • The cardiologist gave me ok today to start taking vitamins and fish oil again
  • I am able to do crossword puzzles again which means I have thrown off all the fuzziness caused by the pain medications
  • I get tired but not as easily as before the operation, part of that is the ferrous sulfate I am still taking
So, I credit the wonderful doctors and nurses and all the good thoughts and prayers of family, friends, and acquaintances.  Thank you all.

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NWDonna said...

I am convinced you are super woman -- tah dah!! At least at healing up and staying on top of technologies. Keep it up!