Wednesday, September 9, 2009

big hole in floor!

Dormers are being converted into light boxes by changing the 2 windows into 1 large window that operates by remote control and cutting through the floor on the 2nd story of the existing house. There will be 3 of these light boxes -- one in the ceiling of the front shower and one in each of the front bedrooms.

So this photo shows the workmen using a reciprocating saw to take out the pine flooring. They have to support the window before they can remove the joists and frame out the box. That white stuff on the walls will be coming down too as it is not wall board but compressed cornhusks. Cheap to install in the 1930's when everything was done with plaster walls. It crumbles now so it's not very safe. Sounds ecologically friendly but I wouldn't want to put it to a flame test.

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