Friday, April 17, 2009

tales of the address problem

So, sometime after I bought the house, for 9-1-1 call purposes, the address was changed from 225 to 227. This let my cousin's house be 225 instead of 225A. Seems a simple change right. Well, the county records and deeds and plots have never been updated. That includes all the old plans for septic systems and gas lines and water lines.

When the soils engineer showed up for the septic testing, he found that the gas company had flagged the wrong property. Fortunately, I knew that where the backhoe was going, there never had been a gas or water line, so we could go ahead with the testing.

I got a copy of the septic system design yesterday that was going in for the county permit and guess what -- it had the wrong address! Right block and lot number but wrong address. Sigh. I called as I spotted it. I hope this won't hold up the permitting process as I just wrote my first check to the general contractor today.

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