Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the first photo was an ice house

Me and my kitty have made it snug despite the cold.  The ice house is cork lined and served the squab farm and canning factory that was operated by my grandfather and his business partner 1910-1957.  When large refrigeration was possible in the 30's, the ice house was moved and converted to office space with a black coal burning pot belly stove, hence the chimney in the picture.  When the squab farm was closed in the 50's, the ice house was moved once again to next to my grandparents' home.  My grandfather used it as a shop where he refinished furniture and made "calcutta" fishing rods  - including one just for his 15 year old granddaughter me.

Well, the pot belly stove is long gone and I am using an electric heater made to look like a blackened iron stove, fake flames and all.  The flames are the kitty's endless fascination.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

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